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Quick feet coach

The Coach works with the new Quick Feet App. With the app you can now track the players progress better and more accurately than any product available. The Coach consists of the App, a bluetooth box and sensors. The App measures accuracy, speed and weight of pass. The App will work on both the Junior and the Quick Feet Trainer.

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Quick Feet Trainer

Trainer is the starter product, all the drills can be played and practiced on it. The trainer was designed to help ball control in tight areas. Add the Coach for the ability to measure your speed, accuracy and weight of pass. Size 3m x 3m

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Quick Feet Junior

Trainer Jr. is the smaller than the Trainer size by 1/3rd, all the drills can be played and practiced on it as well. The Jr. was designed to help ball control in tight areas and people with limited space. Add the Coach for the ability to measure your speed, accuracy and weight of pass

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Quick Feet Carry Bag

If you have to move your Quick Feet products around from venue to venue this sturdy, stylish branded bag will keep your Quick Feet equipment protected. It is waterproof and has a separate compartment for pins etc. We also provide a set of protective plugs for the ends of the panels.

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Quick Feet App

Download the free QuickFeet App from your phones app store now. When used with the sensors and trainer the coach can measure you speed, accuacy and weight of pass. This app has free drills that cannot be found anywhere else. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON APPLE AND ANDROID DEVICES.

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Quick Feet Vision

How do you keep a players head up? You add the QF Vision App. The App will allow you to add an extra phone or tablet to act as a monitor. Now the player has to look ( check their shoulder ) to see the best, pass.

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Quick Feet Drill Builder

The Drill Builder lets you bespoke a drill for every player, use any combination of panels to test the players, as you want them tested. Once created the Drill can be exported via the same Wi-Fi network. The player will need an unlock app if they are playing on a different device.

What is Quick Feet?

Quick Feet will help to fine tune your 'fast feet' skills, hone in on your one touch game, accuracy and ability to turn. Our unique range of products can help improve your coordination, balance and footballing techinque from a young age. Our best seller is the Quick Feet Trainer and this is used by a wide range of clubs around the world.

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