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Quick Feet Trainer Kit

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The trainer comes with Core Program Skills CD. No other product can give you the amount of touches of the ball as the Quick Feet Trainer. Quick Feet Trainer will fine-tune your 'fast feet' skills, hone your one-touch game, accuracy and ability to turn. It’s great for improving your overall coordination and balance.

Just 15 minutes practice every day with the patented Quick Feet Trainer system will dramatically improve ball skills - reinforcing muscle memory through repetition until the ball becomes an extension of your feet. With Quick Feet Trainer, you can play on your own, or in a group, cooperatively or competitively. Up to six players can use Quick Feet Trainer at any one time by reversing the panels you can play in to the unit not in the unit with proven drills that hone and develop skills fast.

The panels are numbered 2-12 like even numbers of a clock face. This will help to improve spatial awareness and communication in a game. It can be used indoors or outdoors and with the easy-to-assemble Quick Feet Trainer, you can train anywhere, anytime. Practice and perfect any turn required in real game play. You can even change the tension within each panel for variable ball return.

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