May 8, 2017

Set Up

Quick Feet Trainer- Components & Assembly Guide


The Quick Feet system;

The Quick Feet system comes as a flat pack and will need to be assembled, once assembled the system takes minutes to set up and break down and can fit into a purpose made Carry Bag, available separately.


12  Horizontal Tubes

12 Vertical pole

6 Corner connectors – plain

6 Corner connectors – rubber (rubber grips for bottom)

6 Bungee Trainer Cables

24 Flat Head Bolts

6 Panel Sleeves

Equipment needed to assemble this unit; Phillips Screwdriver


If you are missing anything please email us at:

Please check you have all parts required before assembling.

Lay the horizontal tubes on the floor parallel to each other with the spring buttons facing upwards then place the vertical poles adjacent to the horizontal tubes creating a rectangle. Make sure the grooves are at the same height on both sides. The smaller gap must be near the top.  Pull part of the bungee through the fastener to create a loop. Then feed vertical pole through the loop and prepare to attach this to the horizontal tube. Make sure the bungee is in the groove. Then attach the vertical pole to the horizontal tube by inserting the flat head bolt through the horizontal tube and tightening.

Only do one side panel for the moment.

Now pull the sleeve over the panel end with no vertical pole attached with the number facing the opposite side to the spring buttons. Then feed the bungee through the sleeve. Please make sure the bungee is at the top end of your panel and the number is the right way up. The number should not be facing you at this stage.

Now attach the other vertical pole by following the same instructions as above.

Then tighten bungee by pulling the lose end of the bungee and keep hold of the fastener so it cannot move. Do this to both sides until they cannot go any tighter. To keep them in place then tie a knot as close as you can to fastener so they cannot move and get looser.

Once the knot is made the fastener should not move whilst the trainer is being used.

Once this is complete please stretch out the sleeve and Velcro around the outside of the vertical pole. Now the panel has been completed, it is ready to be used. Create the other 5 panels and connect together using the corner connectors. When you have done this the Quick Feet trainer is ready to be used!


  • All panels are set up exactly the same and only become different when the numbered sleeves are added.
  • Ensure the panel numbers are set up as stations of the clock rotating left to right

12 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10.

  • When in carriage you must ensure to remove corner connectors and attach protective stoppers, this is to protect the carrier bag.
  • The trainer should be lifted and not dragged when being moved.

Quick Feet Trainer- Components & Assembly Guide

Please note this video is in black and white with no sound


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